Explore the fastest-growing remote job categories in 2023. Discover opportunities in marketing, administrative work, HR, finance, design, customer service, writing, real estate, e-commerce, and project management. Tailor your resume for remote work success. In the rapidly evolving landscape of work, the years 2020 and 2021 brought […]
In the ever-shifting tapestry of life, our true selves often lie hidden beneath layers waiting to be uncovered. Raised in a bustling household, I, amidst ten siblings, felt a subtle disconnection due to my distinct dark features. Curiosity about my true roots kindled an unexpected journey […]
, Dogs are probably the most well-loved pets in the world — which is unsurprising as they did earn the nickname ‘man’s best friend.’ What fur parents love less, however, is the piles of poop they leave behind. Many pet owners tend to leave them because […]
Having dogs, especially the big ones with thick coats you’d probably ask yourself, “Why is my dog shedding so much?” Well, shedding among dogs is completely normal. However, there are moments when a dog is shedding more compared to what is considered normal. To know more […]
Oiling dog clippers is an essential but often overlooked part of dog grooming. Your dog clippers work best when there is not much friction between the blades, and oiling not only reduces friction but extends the life of your trusty clippers. Dog clipper oil helps your […]
Imagine this — you are relaxing on the couch only to find that your precious pup seemingly left his coat behind! No need to panic; your dog is just shedding. Knowing when do dogs shed is crucial if you want to take better care of your […]
, Bathing is good for animals, especially for canines. It’s the perfect time to check your furry friend for anomalies, mats, and skin injuries. Also, it will rid dogs of parasites that hide in their coats. Unfortunately, other dogs never shower. They’re not used to the […]
, Dogs, like most animals, are not an exception to shedding. It is their bodies’ way of getting rid of all that excess fur. Yet, some dogs shed too much compared to others. Well, think about it. How often do dogs shed anyway? To answer that […]
Playing fetch with your dog is best done in your backyard, with ample space and fresh air. However, it is also where your plants are, which can be your furry friend’s potty area in some situations. Let us know if dog pee is toxic to plants. […]
Dogs can poop anywhere and sometimes they do it on your favorite plant. As dog owners, we thought it was harmless. Yet, others say, dog waste is bad for the environment. Well, come to think of it. Read this article to find out. Why Is Dog […]