Abortion in dogs has the same premise as abortion in humans, but much less. Canine abortion is understood as a fetus in the body of a pregnant female dog that does not produce an effective delivery for whatever reason. In the event of a miscarriage, your […]
, Breeding Siberian Huskies requires the handpicking of two strong workers coming from healthy bloodlines. There are plenty of high-quality breeding Huskies (both dams and studs) but not many breeders partaking in pulling, sledding, or working trials and competitions. Make sure you do your best to […]
, When you think about how to breed Basset Hounds, you need to be aware of their main physical problems: the long floppy ears, and the dwarfism. These two are the main causes of medical conditions and even birthing problems. Breeding Basset Hounds is relatively smooth […]
, Fertility in female dogs weakens due to a number of reasons ranging from aging to infections. However, it is important to understand what infertility in dogs actually refers to: failing to ovulate refusing to mate with a male dog inability to carry a pregnancy to […]
, Dog owners who want to start their own dog breeding adventure rarely know exactly where to start. Reliable information about breeding dogs isn’t always easy to access so I wanted to offer actionable tips for beginners who are keen to start their own breeding kennel. […]
, The world of pets is full of controversial topics and dog breeding stands is one of the most. So, why are they such a controversial topic? There are a number of reasons for this. Some argue that breeding stands are a topic of controversy because […]
Not all studs are born proven. In order for successful canine mating to occur to produce offspring, both female and male dogs need to be aroused and prepared for the act of coitus, also called the copulatory tie. If your male dog does not know how […]
,When you are planning a future mating with an external dog breeder, there is always a dilemma on where should the breeding take place? Is it better if the dogs mate where the female lives, or is it better to bring the female to the stud? […]
, If you are wondering how to breed Bullmastiff dogs, you have landed on the right article. We are going to explain to you the Bullmastiff breed background and history, but also focus on best breeding practices and health conditions plaguing the breed. Breeding Bullmastiffs requires […]