EquitySet, a high-level equities research platform, has been named the Best Investment Research Tech of 2023 at Benzinga’s Global Fintech Awards. The prestigious award was presented to EquitySet during Benzinga’s annual summit for fintech leaders in New York on November 13, 2023. This recognition highlights the platform’s commitment to making institutional-quality stock research tools accessible to retail investors.

Revolutionizing the Fintech Industry

Benzinga’s Global Fintech Awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate renowned companies and executives who are revolutionizing the fintech industry. These winners are carefully vetted and chosen for their exceptional contributions and dedication to redefining financial services. Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick emphasizes the importance of recognizing the companies that will shape the future of our financial lives.

“We’re recognizing the companies that will define the future of our financial lives,” says Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick.

Since the inception of the Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2015, the listmakers have successfully closed deals worth $300 million and formed partnerships with major players in the industry. The Awards not only honor the current industry leaders but also aim to uncover and celebrate the next generation of fintech innovators.

EquitySet’s Commitment to Retail Investors

EquitySet’s CEO, Tony Zipparro, expressed his gratitude for receiving this esteemed award. He stated, “We are honored to be recognized by Benzinga for this award.” Zipparro further highlighted the company’s mission to make institutional-quality stock research tools accessible to retail investors. EquitySet was founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneur Tony Zipparro and developer Jake Anderson. The platform’s proprietary Alignment Score grades stocks based on seven fundamental and technical dimensions, providing investors with bullish or bearish signals. With over 120 filters available, investors can rapidly screen investment opportunities on the platform.

About EquitySet

EquitySet is a leading equities research platform that empowers retail investors with institutional-quality investment tools. The platform was established in 2022 by Tony Zipparro and Jake Anderson, industry experts in their respective fields. EquitySet’s dedication to democratizing stock research has resonated with main street investors. By offering advanced screening capabilities and a comprehensive Alignment Score, EquitySet enables investors to make informed decisions and navigate the stock market with confidence.

About Benzinga

Benzinga is a reputable and rapidly growing company recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. It offers a holistic solution for high-quality, low-cost, and timely financial content. Benzinga’s core product portfolio includes newswires, analytics software, and data services, all designed to provide users with market intelligence that can be easily consumed and acted upon. The company also hosts thought leadership, networking, and educational events to foster growth and innovation across all sectors.

The Benzinga Fintech Awards

The Benzinga Fintech Awards are an integral part of Benzinga’s commitment to promoting innovation and driving growth in the financial services space. By participating in these awards, companies and executives are acknowledged as Benzinga Fintech Finalists. The Awards recognize disruptive innovators who bring about positive and diverse changes in the financial services industry. Benzinga’s goal is to honor these exceptional players in the fintech industry and continue to identify and support the next generation of fintech leaders.

EquitySet’s recognition as the Best Investment Research Tech at Benzinga’s Global Fintech Awards is a testament to their commitment to democratizing stock research and providing retail investors with institutional-quality tools. This prestigious accolade showcases the company’s dedication to revolutionizing the fintech industry. With EquitySet’s advanced screening capabilities and comprehensive Alignment Score, investors can confidently navigate the stock market and make well-informed investment decisions. As Benzinga continues to host thought leadership and educational events, the fintech industry can look forward to recognizing and celebrating the next wave of disruptive innovators who will shape the future of financial services.



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