Looking for a top-tier subscription service that offers an unmatched selection of high-quality spirits? Look no further than Flaviar, a whiskey of the month club that has set itself apart from the competition in every way.

As genuine spirit enthusiasts, we are excited to share our experiences with Flaviar, which has quickly become our top choice for the best whiskey club on the market. In this article, we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive overview of everything that makes Flaviar so special and why you should consider becoming a member.


Elevating the Art of Spirit Appreciation

Flaviar’s mission is simple: to take your love for exquisite craft spirits to the next level. While most premium liquors are out of reach for the majority of people, Flaviar aims to bridge the gap by offering members access to an exclusive range of rare and limited-edition bottles.

However, Flaviar is much more than just a discount liquor store. While membership isn’t cheap, the perks are worth it – such as obtaining a bottle of the limited-production Bunnahabhain Hogshead 733 single malt, which retailed for about $360 and is now nearly impossible to find.

Flaviar also offers members tickets to exclusive craft spirits events in New York City and access to other limited edition bottles, giving you the opportunity to explore the world of premium spirits like never before.

Joining the Club

Joining Flaviar is straightforward. Simply enter your email address, fill out the online form, and wait for your invitation to arrive. While it used to take months to get accepted into the club, the wait time has been reduced to just 3-5 days.

While this might seem like a marketing tactic, it helps to create a sense of exclusivity and prestige that is fitting for a club that’s dedicated to exploring the world of premium spirits.

Membership Costs

Membership to Flaviar costs $36.67/month if you choose to pay quarterly (with the option to not renew after 3 months), or $26.25/month if you pay for a full year. With each subscription, you receive one tasting box containing three 1.5oz vials of spirits, as well as one full-sized bottle of your choice.

Flaviar also offers free shipping on one bottle or taster pack per month, making it an even better value for your money.

Making Informed Decisions

One of the most significant benefits of joining Flaviar is that it helps you make an informed decision when purchasing spirits. It provides you with detailed information about each bottle, including its flavor profile, origin, and collection-worthy features.

For example, the page for the Bunnahabhain Hogshead 733 tells the exciting story of daredevils who set out to sea to explore the limits of their stamina. The boat they used was later converted into two barrels for making the single malt, and the page also includes detailed descriptions of its taste and strength.

With Flaviar, it’s like having a personal liquor expert on call 24/7, giving you the confidence to make knowledgeable decisions about what to drink and why.

Is Flaviar Worth It?

Ultimately, whether or not Flaviar is worth the price depends on your drinking habits and expectations for a liquor club. However, we believe that Flaviar is a unique and worthwhile experience that can help elevate your appreciation for premium spirits to new heights.

From its exclusive selection of rare bottles to its educational resources and membership perks, Flaviar is truly in a class of its own. We hope this review has helped you make an informed decision about whether or not to join this exceptional whiskey of the month club.



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